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Gannon Utility Consulting, Inc

Gannon Utility Consulting, Inc is an Arizona corporation which provides dry utility coordination for individuals, subdivisions, commercial, industrial, and public improvement projects. Dry utilities include: Electric, Communications (phone and cable TV), and natural gas. From the planning stages with engineers, through the platting process, or development process, providing help with: construction drawings. Also, we provide assistance with contracts, relocations, legal descriptions, and easements, in addition to planning and facilitating pre-construction meetings in the field, working with the dry utilities to get them in the join-utility trench and get it backfilled.

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Consulting Services


Electrical Utility Consulting

Tucson Electric Power, Trico Electric Coop, Sulfur Springs Coop, Unisource


Communications Utility Consulting

Telephone, Cable TV, Fiber Optic

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Utility Consulting

Southwest Gas

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Gannon Utility Consulting, Inc

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